How a healthy skin microbiome can help you achieve “Glass Skin”

How a healthy skin microbiome can help you achieve “Glass Skin” 

“Glass skin”, a new term which is picking up the trend, means healthy skin that glows from within. 

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We all appreciate the cooler season when it arrives in Hong Kong, but not the skin problems that arise with its advent. Dull, dry and itchy skin, or acne-prone and oily skin, anyone?

Our skin is our largest organ. Just like our gut, our skin has its own microbiome. Factors such as hormonal secretion, eating habit or even the change in season can easily throw it off balance and cause a myriad of unwanted skin problems 

Luckily there’s an easy way out, and the key lies in our skin’s microbiome.


It’s fine to have bacteria under your skin!

The skin microbiome is a living collective of microbes, good or bad, that inhabit the surface of our skin. In fact, the number of these tiny fellows easily exceed trillions - that’s even more than the world’s population!

Try to imagine the skin microbiome as Mother Nature’s ecosystem - the more diverse and balanced it is, it can provide a healthier environment for its inhabitants to grow and thrive.

Everyone’s skin microbiome is one of its own kind, made up according to age, environmental and genetic factors.

For that to happen, the skin seeks for an optimal (slightly acidic) pH level which is 5.5. Bad bacteria tend to reproduce faster in alkaline environments, causing skin problems we hate to have, such as eczema and acne.

In fact, our skin microbiome is closely correlated to our immunity system. Did you know an inflammation is actually our immunity system fighting off foreign pathogens? A stable microbiome can enhance our skin’s immunity, empowering it to kill or ward off bad bacteria that invade our skin’s barrier.

Dewy, luminous, clear or glass skin, any name you can call it, but it all comes back to owning healthy skin.

Meet the microbiome essentials: Ingredients Wellness

You might often hear that probiotics are good for our gut, but it’s also beneficial for our skin! Probiotics are powerful, good bacteria that can promote the growth of healthy bacteria and suppress the bad ones so our microbiome can maintain its balance.

Ingredients believe that less is more, formulating their minimal skincare products with just eight (or less) ingredients.


Ingredients Wellness

By adding Lactobacillus, a special ingredient extracted from botanicals, this powerful agent fortifies the pH level of the microbiome, and replaces synthetic preservatives often found in conventional skincare.


What’s even better, Ingredients is serious about what goes into its bottle (all labelled clearly on the front!) Only the best and most premium botanical extracts, natural and organic are included in the formulation to ensure our skin absorbs the most balanced and nutritious vitamins and minerals.


ingredients Wellness  Care & Flare Reset Skincare Set

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