6 Key Elements at Nourish Clean Beauty

Embrace Natural Beauty with Nourish Clean Beauty

Clean Beauty has been the talk of the town among global brands, media and influencers. Are you looking at the ingredients in your skincare? What should be defined as Clean Beauty? What standard should we considered to make a wise consumer decision?

As a brand that focuses on beauty and sustainability, Nourish has taken into account the following 6 key factors we consider during our careful sourcing process. Each brand we bring on fulfills at least the first 4 of the below criteria to make sure we are embracing health and beauty. Let’s learn all about clean beauty today!

1) Cruelty-Free Testing: Beauty with Kindness

Nourish refuses products that commission tests on animals. We strongly believe that animals should not be sacrificed. There are many alternatives to animal testing to test the efficacy of products with zero cruelty. Therefore, brands that meet the definition of Nourish Clean Beauty must not contain any animal testing procedures. When skincare, love and kindness coexist, life is naturally more beautiful and vibrant.

2) Vegan: 100% Vegan ingredients

The second element of Nourish Clean Beauty is 100% vegan. On our platform, you will find a collection of products with pure, natural and safe plant-based ingredients. They are gentle and non-irritating, which can improve acne skin, sensitive skin and eczema. It is also pregnancy and breastfeeding safe. Pure herbal products are the most organic and healthy treatment for the human body. The use of too many products with heavy chemical components leads to skin dependence and hides more long-term sequelae.

3) Toxin Free: Health is the new Beauty

Nourish makes it our mission to protect your skin. The selected brands must not contain toxic materials and are safe, ensuring that the products you use do not contain chemicals that are harmful to health. 

Beauty products are used daily, If the skin absorbs a large amount of toxicants on a daily basis, it would in turn have a profound negative impact on our health. With our skin is the largest organ of our body, if you can’t eat it, don’t use it.

Nourish specially selects skin care products containing healthy and nutrient-packed ingredients and introduces special care solutions for acne or eczema, caring about your health and beauty at the same time.

4) Sustainability

For environmental protection, Nourish's clean beauty aesthetics stand by the non-toxic, cruelty-free and zero waste principal. It is simply unnecessary to destroy the earth in exchange for our beauty.

From the production of raw materials to the use of recyclable or environmentally friendly materials packaging on products, each step responds to the core value of environmental friendliness, so as to achieve sustainable development.  Let us make personal beauty and environmental sustainability coexist harmoniously.

5) Pregnancy Safe

Choosing all-natural, non-toxic and organic skin care products, is the best choice for your physical, mental, and spiritual health, and it is also the best gift for mothers. Due to the drastic changes in hormones after pregnancy, pregnant women also have the important role to absorb for the babies in the belly.

Nourish specially selects 100% natural products that are safe and harmless to both mothers and babies, so that you can use them at ease and let your babies grow up healthily.

6) Corporate Social Responsibility: Payback to Mother Earth

Nourish pays attention to our social environment and firmly believes that we have a social responsibility to protect nature. We insist that our products are in line with sustainable development and are based on the principle of giving back to nature. The Nourish beauty platform guarantees that the brands we select focus on conservation work and actively promote clean beauty and green living. We are actively engaged with charity to passionately promote sustainable living and conservation so that more people can become part of the conservation of nature.


Are you ready to bring out your beauty from within and radiate that beauty inside out?  Nourish will be with you every step on the journey!  Remember to share this article with friends around you to pass on the power of Clean Beauty!

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