Detox, Light Summer

Chinese medicine values healthy living, considering the seasonal adjustment of human body to the environment is more than necessary. In Chinese Traditional medicine classic, Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine (Huangdi Neijing), it is believed that “During the summer months, it is sunny and everything grows to its fullest. By sleeping late and waking early, it helps us to cope with the summer heat. And it is also important to keep our mood light and not agitated, in order to embrace the beauty of summer.” As the hot summer is fast approaching, we should sweat ourselves accordingly to adapt to the seasonal climate. 

Normally, the human body has a very complete detoxification system. In situations of strong pathogen or an imbalance, diseases will arise easily. The so-called "detoxification" in Chinese medicine is to intercept the toxins from damaging the human body and to eliminate the potential of falling sick by restoring the body's regular functions.

So, how can we detoxify properly?

Hippocrates, an ancient Greek doctor known as the Father of Medicine, believed it was possible to treat or prevent diseases through diet therapy, deriving the view that "medicine and food are of the same origin".

Galen, another Roman doctor who is the most accomplished of all medical researchers of antiquity, wrote on similar ideas in his book, “Prosperities of Food Stuffs”, pointing out that most grains, fruits, and vegetables have rich nutritional value and are beneficial to health. There are many dietary detoxification methods on the market, such as "fruit detoxification", "spice detoxification" and so on.

There are also a large number of detox powder products with varying quality. The quality of the products is most important to consumers. After screening, we recommend two conscience products available at Nourish Clean Beauty.

Kapowder-Vitality "Vitality Detox Powder" is a product made with care. Drinking in moderation can not only detoxify, reduce fat, maintain health, but also balance the stomach and intestines, replenish energy for the human body, and keep the skin glowing. Carefully crafted with 11 kinds of non-GMO ingredients, including organic matcha tea powder, organic alfalfa grass, organic wheat grass, etc. Through these ingredients, minerals and nutrients, such as B1, B12, etc., can be ingested. It is very beneficial for maintaining a healthy weight and promoting skin cell regeneration. In addition, this plant-based bio-fermented protein is more helpful to maintain healthy blood sugar levels in general.



Why do some people look younger than they are?

In addition, to drinking Kapowder-Vitality "Vitality Detox Powder", exercising is also a key in appearing young and vibrant. Exercising will accelerate the body's metabolism and release toxins in the body. Having a good body circulation, youthful skin and a fit body helps you look younger and healthier! 

Drinking protein powder after exercise helps to shape your body. STRENGTH VEGAN PROTEIN POWDER is an excellent choice. Extracted from plant-based protein, it is healthy and rich in calcium, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, without any preservatives.

The ingredients include bio-fermented whole-wheat brown rice, organic pea protein, maca root, vanilla beans, etc. Among them, maca root contains high levels of iron and iodine. While promoting healthy cells, it also maintains normal metabolism.

Only two teaspoons are needed to supplement the daily protein requirement, effectively restoring muscle strength and increase muscles, speeding up the body's metabolism. By providing all the nutrients needed by the body, it maintains the bodybuilding and shaping effect, and help people achieve a younger and healthier body.



As summer is fast approaching, as the sole distributor in Macau & HK, NOURISH will be your buddy helping you along this detox journey. Let’s enjoy this summer together!

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