How to Heal & Purify Your Skin With Monastery Botanical Skincare

As an esthetician, founder and owner, Athena Hewett, created Monastery in her skincare studio in San Francisco with the goal to heal and purify the skin. Since 2011, she has been treating her patients with different methods of oil cleansing, water-free moisturizing, and alcohol & salt-free skincare.

From her practice, Athena introduced a collection of natural skincare made with the highest quality and sustainable absolute botanicals, carefully chosen for their non-irritating properties. Each ingredient is of the purest and highest quality, and the collection is made in small batches at Monastery's San Francisco studio.

Monastery Acne Kit

Monastery's Rose Cleansing Oil is formulated to repair sensitized and over dried skin. By embracing and enhancing your skin's natural oils with this cleanser, your skin starts to heal and balance right before your eyes. 

The Gold botanical healing serum is a powerhouse healing cocktail with a super high dose of vitamin K to fight off the p.acne bacteria and speed cell renewal to treat damaged cells and the pigmented cells associated from acne. High levels of Ximenynic acid target inflammation and redness. 

To see the full effects of these products we recommend removing all other products for at least 3 weeks. Remove all moisturizers, waters, hydrosols, exfoliants, masks, serums, toners and continue only with the use of your sunblock. 

Monastery Intense Brightening Set

Use this trio to rid your skin of winter dullness. Cleanse nightly with Monastery's Rose Cleansing Oil made with Rose Bourbania petals from Reunion Island. This cleanser heals and improves all skin types by balancing and moisturizing.

Exfoliate with the XX Rose Glycolic, a 10% glycolic derived suspended in rose water. Use as a treatment mask for 5 minutes or leave on overnight to reveal smoother texture and diminished dark spots.

Moisturize daily with the Gold Healing Serum. A face oil which makes up the most anti-inflammatory & naturally brightening concoction on the planet. If you have sensitive skin or want daily exfoliation, mix XX Rose Glycolic and Gold Botanical Serum to create a milder exfoliant for everyday use.

Monastery Intense Moisture Set

Calling all luxury skincare lovers! This is the perfect kit if you have dry, sensitive skin. Cleanse nightly with Monastery's Rose Cleansing Oil - made with Rose Bourbania petals from Reunion Island. This cleanser heals and improves all skin types by balancing and moisturizing.

Apply Flora Cream Serum after the cleanse. This nutrient-dense blend of oils infused with hyaluronic acid helps penetrate moisture to the lower skin cells (contains a small amount of beeswax). 

Finish off your routine with a thin veil of Attar Repair Concentrate. This combination will help seal moisture overnight. Attar is a luxurious botanical balm (beeswax free) that can be applied under the eye area and over the lips as well.

In the morning, repeat application of Flora Cream Serum and Attar Repair Concentrate. 

Monastery Clarifying Set

Use this trio to treat overactive oil glands.  Keep the skin pH balanced and unstripped with Monastery's antibacterial Sage Cleansing Oil made with Greek Sage and Hinoki cypress. 

During the day, use the Aloe Hyaluronic Moisture Boost as either a serum or daily moisturizer.  You can also mix the Aloe Hyaluronic and Sage Cleansing Oil in the palm of your hand to create a bespoke herbal cream cleanser.

Use the exfoliating XX Rose Glycolic Gel as a weekly mask or an overnight treatment, depending on how often your skin prefers exfoliation.  You can also mix the XX glycolic with the Sage Cleansing oil to create a bespoke exfoliating cleanser.

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