‘I am dry, distressed and wrinkled,’ say your hands

You sit in your air-conditioned office all morning and your hands are freezing and dried out. As you rush to a meeting, you get a paper cut on your finger (Ouch!). You open a door and you sanitize your hands. You open another door and sanitize your hands again. At lunch, your al fresco table is right under the midday sun and your sunscreen remains untouched on your desk…

No wonder your hands look 10 years older than your actual age. Of all your body parts, your hands make most physical contact and get washed most frequently but receive the least attention in your daily beauty regime. Poor hands!

It’s time your hard-working hands get their well-deserved care.

Healthy hands are clean (and nourished!)

During the pandemic, we wash hands and use alcoholic sanitizers religiously but few of us are handcare devotees. Let’s not forget: healthy hands should be as clean as they are nourished. Most hand sanitizers are made of chemicals and dehydrating ingredients. They effectively kill bacteria while removing the skin’s natural protective oils, leaving it vulnerable. If only there were a powerful disinfectant that is gentle to the skin… There indeed is!

sugar cane


Meet sugar cane alcohol. This plant-based alcohol is made from fermented sugarcane juice that usually undergo several times of distillation to achieve purity. It is able to kill 99.9% of bacteria on the skin. Its astringent properties along tone the skin and reduce pore size.


Ingredients Wellness Floral Mist

Spend your active day with Purifying Hand Spray by Ingredient Wellness. This sugar-cane-alcohol-based hand spray is blended with four types of antibacterial and antiseptic essential oils. It gives you nature’s protection without compromising your skin’s oil balance. Now, shake hands happily with your new client.

All-day mistreatment requires day-and-night treatment

An early sign of aging hands is dehydration. Before fine lines and wrinkles become noticeable, you have to take action. After two years of constant rubbing of alcohol and harsh chemicals, a mild hand cream wouldn’t do the job. Your hands need serum-grade moisturization each time after you sanitize them.

Vree Receive

The pocket-sized RECEIVE: Intensive Soothing & Healing Hand Serum offers deep hydration on the go. With rosehip and several highly nourishing essential oils, the serum is filled with natural essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants to rejuvenate your skin. It gets absorbed impressively fast and gives off a delightful scent to lighten up your day. RECEIVE can be doubled as an overnight hand treatment – the best time to nourish your hands. Good morning, happy hands!

Trust us, handcare is never too much, too frequent – moisturization is just the first step. As a rule of thumb, you can pamper your hands the way you pamper your face (hey, did you forget your sunscreen for your hands again?).

Hand out your love

Ultimate Hand care Christmas gifts


Christmas is a season of giving. Express your gratitude to your beloved hands and those helping hands with Give & Receive Handcare Gift Set, which comes with Purifying Hand Spray and RECEIVE: Intensive Soothing & Healing Hand Serum.

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