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Reef safe mineral sunscreens for a lightweight and invisible finish.

Named after the founder's daughter, Ava Isabella, Ava Isa is based on the hope that we can change the startling statistic that skin cancer is the number one cancer killer for young women (specifically ages 25-30). Ava Isa wants woman and men of all ages to have the beautiful skin they want, without skimping on the protection they need.

Ava Isa offers their most ultra-matte sunscreens to date. They dry down on the skin almost instantaneously after application and feel light-weight and invisible. They make the skin a beautiful canvas, in either their tinted or untinted form. They feature a high concentration of zinc oxide for excellent protection and include their patent-pending Bio UVA Ultra technology to increase the UVA protection by up to 60%. The formulas feature a high organic and natural ingredient list with no controversial ingredients.

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  • Sun-é-Serum Drops (SPF 35)
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