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Skin Need: Your Private Formula is a suggested routine that considers your skin type, skin attributes, lifestyle, and geographic region to help you neutralize damage while optimizing skin health. 

It is the in-house brand of an FDA-approved, cGMP certified laboratory in the U.S., where R&D is conducted in both U.S. and Hong Kong laboratories, co-run by the founder’s daughter, Christal Leung.

Skin Need prides itself on being a reputable line of functional formulas known for excellence in quality and sophistication in design. While the refinement of formulations through the years has led to the integration of high-technology delivery systems and cell modulating ingredients with naturally derived botanical extracts, the safety, conscience, and mindfulness aspects remain unchanged – with even a stronger presence in the formulating philosophy of Skin Need as the world becomes more aware, educated, and empowered to strive for positive self-image that radiates intelligence and wellness.

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