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About the Founder, Po

Po House and its portfolio of sustainable and ethical-focused brands, including Nourish, was founded by Po Chen. After living in Hong Kong until her teens, she moved to New York to study and work in fashion and beauty. From there she moved to Vancouver, Canada and found the city's initiatives for a greener, eco-friendly lifestyle resonated with her. Po, now living in Hong Kong, seeks to change Asia's fast consumption and lagging sustainable lifestyle, which was what drove her to start Po House. Po’s east-meets-west cultural exposure helped shape her unique aesthetic insight and passion for self-care through products that make one look and feel good without harming the earth. 

With Nourish, she believes that clean beauty is not a trendy fashion but a sustainable experience that doesn't harm your skin and body, nor the earth. Championing sustainability, gender equality, and fighting to make the world a kinder place will always be at the forefront of Po House and its brands. 

Wellness Guru

Introducing our in-house wellness guru, the clean beauty and fitness expert who knows everything that makes your body and skin look good. From beauty advice to health tips, she is your trusty friend for some definitive pointers on enhancing the self-care ritual.


As a certified aromatherapist, our professional practitioner is here to support your well-being, bringing the powerful and therapeutic essential oils to your everyday life for a grace-filled healing/nourishing experience.

Beauty Advisor

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Choosing the right products for your skin can be time-consuming and stressful, that’s why you are in safe hand talking to our trained beauty advisor, whose personal experience and insightful knowledge can guide you to the products that best serve your needs.

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