All about Nourish

Po House created Nourish to make personalized, and handcrafted ethical beauty products and brands, accessible at affordable price points. Not only that, Nourish is a space where customers can shop with peace of mind that any purchasing decision they make will create an environmental or social impact.


A realistic and accessible vision for all

Long before the pandemic Po House had a vision to create a platform where ethical purchasing decisions were easy, accessible, and affordable. Po House wanted to provide a selection of brands and products that aligned with its customers' values. The shift in consumer behaviors and values that the pandemic created hasn’t changed our vision, it’s just made it even more relevant.

Our philosophy

...has never changed but the pandemic emboldened our resolve. We believe in the power of a global community, coming together with aligned values and a shared passion for ending disposable consumption. We believe that by improving one environmental footprint at a time, we can start countless ripple effects of good deeds around the world.

Put your mind (and skin) at ease

Nourish is where you will find the best, most effective purpose-led beauty brands that source ingredients and packaging responsibly and share a passion for responsible consumption. Each is on a path towards sustainability; they use only clean or organic ingredients free of toxins and harmful chemicals, and are totally animal friendly. We also favor family-oriented businesses with an artisanal hand-made approach to their products, and who share the same values as our community.

Nourish won't sacrifice the health or beauty of the planet in our quest to enhance yours.