Strength: Vegan Protein (Chocolate Flavor)

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Editors’ Notes

Go to plant based protein. Tastes delicious. Unlike normal proteins powders, STRENGTH works as a tonic, alkalise and boost your body with all the nutrition you need. Over 80% raw digestible protein with live enzymes & high levels of BCAA. Nothing artificial, no synthetic nutrients or minerals. ✔ Vegan ✔ Gluten-free ✔ Non-GMO ✔ Soy-free

How to Use

Take 10 grams (2 teaspoons) prepared in filtered water, coconut water, smoothies or the choice is yours. Each packet contains enough power for 20 days, depending how you prepare your Strength daily.


Pea Protein Powder, Brown Rice Flour Powder, Hemp Seed Protein Powder, Cacao Powder, Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) Powder, Xanthan Gum, Organic Rice Hulls, Stevia Leaf Extract.

Customer Reviews

Key Ingredients


Contains all the essential amino acids, including BCAAs. Helps repairs muscle fibers, especially after a workout. Helps you feel fuller longer.


Gluten-free. High in fiber to keep you feel fuller longer.


Complete protein containing all amino acids. Rich in fiber, healthy fats and minerals.


Rich in fiber and protein to support digestion and build muscle. Contains trace minerals to support metabolic function.

Nourish Fundamentals

Icon for Cruelty Free

This product is cruelty-free and is not tested on animals.

Icon for Vegan

This product and all of its ingredients are 100% vegan and contains no animal product.

Icon for Toxin-Free

This product is free of all the ingredients listed in our Nourish No-No List when we source our products.

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This product is packaged with recyclable and/or compostable materials, and this product's ingredients are ethically sourced with verified suppliers that prioritize the environment.

About Kapowder

KAPOWDER® products are all vegan, gluten free, GMO free and cruelty-free. A daily nourishment by natural formulas. No nasties here.

KAPOWDER® essentials are formulated to purify, alkaline, boost energy, maintain a healthy weight and enhance skin collagen, improve skin health, gut health and overall well-being without damaging our beautiful planet or furry friends.

Founded in 2014 by Sara Davey, with model Valentina Ferrer joining in 2019 as co-owner, KAPOWDER® was created to easily fit into your daily routine and lifestyle, with a minimalist approach to a highly crafted collection of all natural supplements. Both female founders worked alongside their trained team specialists and nutritionists to adapt and grow the company into a worldwide favourite.


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